Valiant Insurance Company

Policy Highlights






·         Broad Definition of Legal Services includes Arbitrator, Mediator, Title Agent, Notary Public and Customary Fiduciary Capacities such as Administrator, Conservator, Executor, Trustee together with investment advice given in connection with fiduciary activities.


·         Broad Definition of Insured includes the Firm, Predecessor Firm, Lawyers within the Firm (Partners, Associates, Directors, Officers, Employees). Also covers Of Counsel and/or Independent Contractors for work performed on behalf of the Firm.


·         Coverage is provided for claims arising out of legal services by an Insured rendered to another Insured as a client.


·         Full Prior Acts Coverage available.


·         Policy requires Insured’s consent in order to settle claims.


·         Disciplinary Proceeding:

Supplementary payments up to $10,000 for any Insured and in the aggregate for attorney fees and other reasonable costs, expenses or fees resulting from a Disciplinary Proceeding received by the Insured and reported to the Company during the policy period involving covered legal services. Maximum limit is $10,000 despite the number of Insureds.



·         Loss of Earnings:

Supplementary payments up to $500 per day for loss of earnings while in attendance at a trial for a covered claim against the Insured. Maximum limit is $10,000 despite the number of Insureds.


·         Assistance in responding to a subpoena arising out of legal services rendered by an Insured including production of documents and preparation of sworn testimony provided the subpoena arises out of a lawsuit to which the Insured is not a party.


·         Extended Reporting Period is available for one-year, three-year, six-year or unlimited periods. Retiring or Non-Practicing Lawyers who have been continuously insured by the Company for at least three consecutive years, the extended reporting period premium will be waived. Death or Disability Extended Reporting Period free of charge.







The information provided on this website page is an example of the coverages that may be available from this insurer to a qualified law firm.  Please refer to the actual policy for exact coverage descriptions and limits; exclusions and deductibles that may apply.  Coverages are subject to policy terms and conditions.